Tofisch & Partner

tofisch & partner is specialised in the distribution in Italy of high quality products for outdoor sports. Since November 2006 tofisch & partner offers its partners a complete program, build on a long term collaboration on its own responsibility: purchase, stocking and distribution.

tofisch & partner takes over the entire documentation and the preparation for the Italian target market in close cooperation with the producer.

Especially the work up and the elaborations of catalogues, workbooks, websites, documents for training, advertising material, POS material and also specific customer training and presentations. A special attention is given to the creation of common marketing plans, including the support of public relations activities, special interest editorial departments and widespread distributed medias and expositions.

With well established sales agents tofisch & partner can set a high value on the specific support of sport shops and chains of stores, particularly of associations, institutions and national organisations of the civil and also military sector.

tofisch & partner’s top premises are:

  • ambitious quality of his products © 2024 Tofisch & Partner
  • fast and reliable delivering
  • best service

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PIEPS DSP Update 8.2

PIEPS DSP Update 8.2

The new software 8.2 is awailable now.

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