From the bike & ski adventures were made digital time variable multivisions. The shows can be ordered from the special interest market during special actions, fears, anniversaries or trainings. These is your possibility to use my adventures for your costumers or to send your club members on a virtual travel!

bike & ski Mongolia - on the tracks of Dschinggis Khan

© 2024 Tofisch & Partner ...1999 three months through the country of the Dschinggis Khan.  Isolation, the extreme climate, temperatures to -30°C and the raf landscape of Mongolia made this journey a daring enterprise.
He could not reach completely his goal to downhill with scies the three highest mountain of Mongolia and driving straight through the land. An exciting story and a spectacoral pictures shows Tobias Fischnaller all over his adventure and the culture of the nomads of the unknown country Mongolia in its multivision.