From the bike & ski adventures were made digital time variable multivisions. The shows can be ordered from the special interest market during special actions, fears, anniversaries or trainings. These is your possibility to use my adventures for your costumers or to send your club members on a virtual travel!

bike & ski Kamtschatka - TRACKS TROUGH FIRE AND ICE

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... region of Russia in the extreme north of Eastern Asia, close Alaska and Japan.  With its Bike and its skis he experienced the most unbelievable 'rusian'  stories. He climed the highest mountains, active vulcanoes, with skies and explore the country with its bike. He became acquainted with humans and their culture on this peninsula, of whom many of us do not even know that them exist. With the South Tyrolean adventure journalist Michael Wachtler Fischnaller travelled into the valley of the geysire and met there the indigenen native people.  The young mountain guide brought sensational and impressing picture and filmmaterial with home.