Té à la ment

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Red shines the high Atlas Range in the evening light with its highest mountain: the Jebel Toubkal (4167m) under the wings of our plane that was bringing us secure to Agadir.

Friendly welcome us the driver and the accompaniers. Already on the next day we pack our rucksacks and on the drive out of Agadir we had to take out our trekking boots for a walk through raff and rocky scenery on the Jebel Igherm. A tight crowd and screaming traders in the souks were the first impression of an Maroccan City in Taroudannt. We enjoyed the first break with fresh té a la ment and real Maroccan coffee.

© 2024 Tofisch & Partner Our destination and ideal starting point for a view trekking days is Tata, the biggest oasis between Atlantic and Zagora on the northern border of the Sahara. Tata was the preparation place for the big camel caravans and until today it does not loose his flair of thousand an one night. During a trekking on the beside located Jebel Lehne (1075m) the scenery is offering us a fantastic panoramic view on that our European eyes have to get used to it: poor stone dessert with multifarious brown colours in north direction, in south direction we could see an endless palm garden and some loam house villages. Only very hard our eyes can recognize on the horizon the in the Sahara ending plain of the Hamada du Draa.

On the evening everybody is falling in his bad with a full stomach after a Maroccan buffet and some on the black market organized beer cans. After a view days in this dessert city our trip goes on with cars through a endless, rocky dessert area. During a rest under a typical Maroccan arcadia tree a nomad invited us to have some tea in his tend. Admirable in which simple way of live the local tuaregs can feel well.

From Zagora the second city of the Berber people we are arriving again over the Tinififft pass in the area of the high Atlas Mountain Range. The 'royal' mountains of Marocco. For the reason that we had such high spring temperatures we could see on the pass some snow capped fields. A bizarre picture which is follow us also on the treks in the coming days on the Jebel Fint.

© 2024 Tofisch & Partner A fantastic finish our trekking trip finds in the gorge of the Dades and Draa River. Spectacular are the cliffs rising nearby our heads in the sky during we are walking on the bank of the river through raff fields and small loam house villages. On our arrival in Marakesch there will be a big party celebrated after the obligate but detailed city sightseeing. The ideal place for that you can find in middle of the medina on the world famous juggler place. Snake artists, soothsayer, circus artists and a lot of water sellers are showing their art and products. The most fascinating fact about this daily spectacle is, that all this is until today not made for tourists it is made for the local people! With this pictures in our mind from this interesting crowded place looked out from one of the terrace coffee shops we are standing already the next day with packed pack backs on the airport and can not believe that we are in two hours back in our used totally different world.