Mt. kinabalu (4095m)

© 2024 Tofisch & Partner Already before we reached Halls Creek I decided that I will use my time left and fly earlier than planned to Malaysia.

After a 3000km long bus drive along Broom I was back in Perth, the main City of WA.

I spend a fantastic weekend in the fancy nightlife of the City (thanks to Kiren) and flow to Kuala Lumpur to explore from there South East Asia.

I stayed only for a short time in Kuala Lumpur to reorganize myself for the trip. I bought as far as possible a bus ticket and I was sitting the next day already in a bus in direction to Johur Bahru the most southern point of the malay peninsula. The not so beautiful city nearby Singapore I used to travel on to the business metropolitan City of South East Asia.

After a hole day in one of the worlds biggest shopping centers, high tech Restaurants surrounded by sky scrapers and thousand of people, I was absolutely fascinated from the cleanness, modernity and the greatness.

© 2024 Tofisch & Partner But on the way home I could make an experience, where the world showed me after her greatness her smallness. I was just jumping inside a bus back to Johur Bahru when I saw 2 tourists getting inside the bus. I had not talked even to one person this day and while the bus was just occupied with Asians I asked the tourists to sitting next to them. He answered me with a very broken English: 'yes!' After having a typical traveller small talk we arrived at the question where are you from and the guy answered me:' I'm from Italy!' I answered him that I'm also from Italy and we spoke Italian further on. We specified our place of living and he was leaving just 150 km away from my place. At once his friend was asking me from the seat in front of me in the same 'Pustertal.' dialect I'm speaking from which village I'm from the Pustertal. He told me he is from Innichen, a village, just an hour drive from my place away. Everyone can imagine which party goes on when to 'Pustertaler' meat each other in Singapore. Right the next day I had my flight to the worlds third biggest island, Borneo.

© 2024 Tofisch & Partner Around lunchtime I landed in Kota Kinabalu, the main city from Sabah. My destination was the 4101m high mountain Mt. Kinabalu which is called the highest mountain of South East Asia.

I could not prepare myself for the mountain but for these reason I had to do everything in this place. Thanks to the very well organized tourist office, I could prepare everything very fast.

After one organization and resting day I could drive to the Headquarter of the national park of these famous mountain.

This mountain is nothing special because of his first ascents or the difficult, it is something special because of his state of being.

Like a wild colos the mountain stands over Sabahs jungle.

Humidity and rain follows me on an altitude of 3200m. At once you are standing over the clouds and a spectacular view until the islands outside Borneos surprised you.

From this point a high alpine vegetation changed with the green jungle and huge granite formations in the surroundings of the summit.

© 2024 Tofisch & Partner 2500ma and 13km trekking splitted on two days are necessary to reach the also religious summit.

The mythos tells us to be at the summit during sunrise, but also in this tropical area the temperature can fall below 0°C.

The low temperatures doesn't have influence at the breathless panoramic view to the Philippines and the jungle Borneos.

The ascent on this mountain was a completely different mountain adventure for me.

Because of the humidity, the rain, the hours of walking through the jungle, the different vegetation zones on one mountain and the walk on the granite rocks in the summit area, let me definite mountains adventure completely new.

After a successful ascent and a real fantastic adventure I returned to Kota Kinabalu. I spent my left Time in the Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park until I flew back to Kuala Lumpur.