© 2024 Tofisch & Partner This young man is a full blood adventurer.  He goes in mountain bike on the highest steps of the Himalaja, scale in the Russian Kamtschatka on the roofs of the smoking volcanoes or crosses with its Fully the desert of Mongolia.  With 29 years of age the alpine guide and biker gotten passionate Tobias Fischnaller, saying in short Tofisch, already has more stamp in the passport like many old diplomat.  You can believe that if you ask one like Fischnaller about trails in front of his hometown, it is the same like asking Michael Schuhmacher, about the new py-pass road of Kerpen. Mistake! On 'his' mountains the Southtyrolean does not let anything come: The northwest dolomites between Pustertal and Cortina as the non plus ultra for him' This scurrile landscape from gigantic rock massifs, steep walls and enormous high plateaus are singularly and: everyone time on the new excitingly', says 'Tofisch'. Is correct! Above all if one discovers the picture book landscape with the Bike.  A close net from forest streets, trekking trails and old military Roads reaches almost each angle of the mountains.  'therefore', so the local one, 'are the dolomites for me the tourendorado of the extra class.' Tofisch knows, what about he speaks.  Finally the local one earns the necessary mony for its expeditions as Bike Guide - alpine crosses generally, dolomite crosses in the special one.  About two hundred thousand elevator meters stand at the end of the season on its tacho display. But even this amount is not sufficient, in order to know all ways and trails by the powerful mountain sticks, those developed approximately 200 million years ago from the coral reefs of the ancient Thetysmeer. Because of the fantastic landscape also classic tours like the fanes trip does not lose any attractiveness after driving it the eleventh time. Too closely, too multilayered are the impressions during driving with the bikes through one of the most beautiful valleys of the world to check it all after the first time. Already the Canyon-similar prelude:  Squeezed between thousand meters high cliffs the road curves itself to Pederü.  An asphalted entree. Then will the runway becomes more gravel, the mountains move still more near together.  But there is a way out in the end of the valley and already a few turns later the mountinbiker roll over expanded “Almwiesen” of the fanes plateau, past at highly transparent lakes and lovely rivers. Not only the landscape, also the infrastructure on 2,000 meters height is perfect: On the sun terraces the Fanes and Lavarellahut offer Pasta & Cappucchino - power for the last turns up to the Limojoch. At the latest here, with the view over the horizon full of mountains it becomes clear why the “ladins” inhabitants for almost each summit, each “alm” and each river have invented a legend. It is here above simply completely beautiful!

© 2024 Tofisch & Partner Tofisch’s most loved spot lies close to the Senneshut. At the end of the green runway, which was build like many roads in the First World War close of the fire line. Exactly at the edge, where the white stone crushed away under the wheels, like you would sit in a starting airplane, pulls the Guide on the brake levers.  'from here you can look out the whole round, let the route again revue happen, full happiness for the last downhill back to Pederü.' That by the way represents the most dangerous distance section for “Bike Novizen”. Only who proportions the brakes on the ultra steep crushed stone route sensitively, has a real chance to get arrive down with healthy bones. The fanes classic route has only this technical driving problems passage, but you should be in good shape. Nevertheless you have scarcely 1,500 elevator meters in your legs at the end of the route. A fair Deal for an unforgettable travel crosswise by the nature park of Fanes Sennes Prags. But not only on the Fanes round Tour do not mountainbiker infect themselves with the dolomite virus.  Even so-called 'bringing in routes' save an enormously high craze potential. And of it there are enough directly around St. Vigil in Enneberg, the ideal basecamp of the region. Apart from many “soft routes” which offers Kronplatz the St. Vigil house mountain Tofisch recommends a excursion to Wengen. A hardly frequented forest road winds itself by a wonderful larch forest upward. The multicoloured flowering mountain meadows of Gran Rit, compensate for the steep pass at the end of the ramp. There, at the highest point of the round, the catalogue image from South Tyrol is here again: a bank, beside it a wooden cross before powerful cliffs. The way disappears in the hilly meadow area promisingly a lot. Plentifully material for modern Mountaing Biker legends. Also a floor more deeply, in the small village Wengen, is still the world correct.  Mountain farmers, chapels and church towers build the scenery. In the far south between Langkofel and Sella gleams like a fata morgana the eternal ice of the Marmolada. A breath of icy glacier air would do well during so some of this dolomite round. Urgently necessarily a cooling would be nice during the merciless uphills to the Heiligkreuz Joch. Already from the start of Tofisch’s secret tip it goes merciless to work. Well 1,000 elevator meters on the first nine kilometres. The last of it by track in a moon landscape out of crushed stone. Here only ones is helping: Eyes shot and through! The fact that this hard work is worthwhile you can feel on the singletrail close to Hochalm.

© 2024 Tofisch & Partner Each meter on the narrow moving way offers pure mountinbiking. Stone stages and close zigzags change with root passages and soft humus layers. Sometimes the front wheel must be centimetre exactly turned around the corner, then the trail leads again the bright in far curves the crest along, enticed to speed and jump inserts. In the last passage the biker surfes in soft gravel of a dry river.

In the end in middle of the rock arena of Prags the mountain bikers eyes shine in the bright green mountain lake. “More I come around in the world”, say’s Tofisch during he sits on the bank and let himself drying. “I estimate higher the dolomites!”. In order to understand this, you you have not to be an adventurer.